About us

Hey Ho! We are Yannick & Tim. Two young guys traveling Europe for one year.

We know each other back from school in Freudenstadt where we finished our ABI in 2015. We then completed our bachelor’s degree at the same university. The school and the university are placed in the rural Black Forest.

We do a lot together, even besides traveling – judo, going to parties, making music… We often sing together while one of us is playing the piano. The selection of the songs we preform is on a wide spectrum: From older pop and rock classics through jazz standards to modern ballads, all music genres occur.

One day during our studies we chilled out after a judo training. There we came up with the idea that we could go traveling together in the year after our studies. Minutes later the decision was made: A year in a camper or a converted van. The goal? Seeing as many parts of Europe as possible, while making music and having fun.

We have started to document the experiences of our journey. Since we don’t want to withhold these experiences from you, we share everything interesting on this blog.  The only catch: Our Blog is only available in German.
But you can also find us on Instagram (@YetAnotherTravelVlog) or check out the pictures from our trip in our gallery.